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The Power of a Life Coach

A few months ago I decided I wanted a bigger booty 🍑.

Yup, that’s right nothing Kadashianesque but something rounder, firmer than my current assets. 

Listen I have goals ok! And there is nothing wrong with that. 

I have been pretty determined and have been getting up early every morning to do stretches and at home butt workout videos on YouTube

It’s been several months now and despite my commitment, I have not seen or felt significant change in the backside of things. I needed help. So I hired a coach, yep, you got it right I hired a butt man 🤣. I hired a personal trainer, a professional, someone who has all the tools to get me the result that I want-a bigger derrière.

Like any good coach, on our first meeting, he asked me insightful questions; what were my goals, why this particular goal, what was I currently doing to get there, what was working, what wasn’t,  time investment etc..

Then he created a workout plan that I soon won’t forget.

During one of my workouts, I realized I was doing some of the same exercises that I was doing at home, albeit they felt much different. Reflecting back, some of the key differences were he had a bird’s eye view of my position and could point out proper form and I could tweak and adjust as needed. When I wanted to give up, he showed me how far I had already come and that I was so close to finishing. He never held my hand, but he guided me in which direction to move my leg and how to squat to feel the burn.

He provided reassurance and was gentle and kind. He never berated, never judged, he didn’t ridicule or minimize me.

I felt each of the 3 muscles in my gluteus contract.

This is the secret to transformation, this is the power of a coach.

The difference between me, your life coach, and my personal trainer, is he helps me transform my body and I, I help you transform your life.

As an expert in time management, I have a proven process for helping you create more time without working harder so that you can enjoy the life you worked so hard to create. All you have to do is show up once a week. You get answers to your problems in a non-judgemental space that is 100% focused on you. You get results guaranteed. Just like my personal trainer has a bird’s eye view of my position and can point out proper form, I have the skill to see all your blind spots objectively and can help you shift them forever. Do you have a goal? I can help you cut the time to achieve it in half by keeping you accountable to massive action and showing you the progress you have made so far. I can help you overcome imposter syndrome, anxiety, procrastination, self-doubt and overwhelm…

As your life coach, I will help you transform-your emotions, marriage, money, career, relationships, health- your entire life!

That’s the power of working with me.

Are you ready?


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