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Can you practice medicine on your terms and still be able to live the life of your dreams? ​​​


Can you practice medicine on your terms and still be able to live the life of your dreams? ​​​


Sound impossible?

Maybe it is because you believe that medicine is hustle and that all your time is hijacked by the demands of your job and your home.

You know… fighting with insurance companies over prior AUTHs, admin dictating how many patients to be seen to meet quotas. Let’s not even talk about patient satisfaction surveys, your overbooked clinic and charts. You know, the charts you have to bring home to complete because if you don’t, they just keep piling up!

And when you get home, you are expected to do it all too especially if you are a mom. You become everything else to others with very little time for you.

This is not what you expected when you signed up to be a physician.

I get it the hustle is real.

I’m Dr. DeFoe

I’m a board-certified radiation oncologist. I always considered myself pretty good at time management. After all, I successfully completed medical training. But as I continued on this journey, my life got fuller and fuller (married, kids, new responsibilities at work, cancer) and I found very little time for myself.

I didn’t understand why the tools I used to manage my time during training was now making me feel depleted.

Through coaching I learned that the reason the tools I used for managing my time was no longer working for me was because of the beliefs I have about myself and the duty to my patients was in direct conflict with what I imagined my life to be once I was an attending physician and a mom. Coaching helped me work through all of those beliefs and I can practice medicine on my terms and still have time to take care of my health, my wealth and my mind. I became a certified life coach through The Life Coach School and I can help you master your time so you too can live life on your terms!

I coach women physicians who are willing to take a deep dive into their relationship with themselves.

I love working with women physicians because you are smart, successful and you always show up- for your patients, for your family, your friends. I want to teach you how to show up for yourself!

As your life coach, I don’t tell you how to live your life because you are the expert in your own life, you already know the answers. I create a non-judgmental space for you to download all the beliefs that are hijacking your time. Once we work through those beliefs together, you will use my tools and begin reclaiming time for you.

Your life is unique, and this work is customized specifically to you so you get the results that you want. I get you, I understand what it’s like to be a doctor- the hustle, the charts, the expectations…

If you are physician and ready to reclaim your time,
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